Znojmo: A model town

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful town of Znojmo in Moravia. We went during the classical music and wine festival (Is there a better combination?) and were blown away by an awesome private tour of one of the vineyards there.


The town of Znojmo is quite picturesque indeed and we happily strolled up and down its quaint and narrow streets while waiting for the evening’s festivities to begin. I recently upgraded the firmware on my Fuji X10 to include a faux tilt-shift option and decided to try it out while we were scaling the loftier viewpoints of Znojmo.


It will never replace an actual tilt-shift lens but then again they’re hardly the most cost effective piece of glassware available. I think the results are pleasant enough and give the impression of a little diorama of this beautiful town.


I have plenty more images taken in and around Znojmo to put together another blog post or two so stay tuned for those.

_DSF8213 _DSF8214 _DSF8218 _DSF8220 _DSF8222 _DSF8225 _DSF8228 _DSF8280 _DSF8285 _DSF8286 _DSF8287 _DSF8288 _DSF8289 _DSF8290 _DSF8291 _DSF8292 _DSF8300 _DSF8303 _DSF8306

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