Too many Kuks DON’T spoil the broth

As part of our amazing day of adventure recently which included a trip to some underground tunnels as well as a trip to a lovely zoo/safari park we visited the delightful spot of delight that is Kuks.

Towards the tail end of the 17th century it was discovered that the waters running through this area had healing properties and so the owner of the land diverted three of the mineral springs into one area creating a hospital, a theater and other buildings, all in the beautiful Baroque style.

After the death of its founder, the heirs to the Kuks spa were not interested in maintaining it and alas it fell into disrepair and went out of business.

Thankfully the main structure survived along with the numerous statues and elegant stairway leading down towards the entrance way back up to the hospital.

The series of statues to either side of the hospital building represent the twelve human virtues and vices and some of them are downright creepy and morbid.

There’s an uneasy air about the place, I don’t know what it is exactly but I felt a little uncomfortable walking around the grounds, like something terrible had happened there. It being a hospital I’m sure there’s plenty of stories left untold. Actually lots of people probably perished just trying to walk up the long path to the hospital, and roam the grounds still unable to get their treatment.

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