Dark Mofo 2017

Ah Dark Mofo, that most wonderful time of the year, when you get to escape from the cold of Winter that envelops Tasmania. This Winter has been pretty mild so far and Dark Mofo kind of snuck up on us out of nowhere. You go down for the opening night and before you know it, … More Dark Mofo 2017

Wine tasting in Znojmo

  Apologies for the delay in posting anything new for a while, been very busy with work…..and…..ummmm….catching up on Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones…… Tisk tisk tisk bad James, get blogging! Right well let’s take another trip to Znojmo shall we? This post is about our first night in the beautiful Moravian town of … More Wine tasting in Znojmo

Counting Crows….and dolphins, and horses, and sheep…..

Had my first taste of the Czech music scene last night courtesy of a band that’s been around since 1990! Sto Zvírat, which translates as 100 animals are legends of the Ska/Reggae scene in the Czech Republic and last night they played to a full house at Zlutý Pes (Yellow Dog).  Ska is such an … More Counting Crows….and dolphins, and horses, and sheep…..