Ireland: Dursey Island

Ireland has a cable car. Yes…..Ireland. Something we’d oft associate with Switzerland or Austria or North America and other alpine places with proper mountains and genuine altitude that can leave you out of breath, exists on the little island where I was born. Which way do cable cars travel? Up right? And down again of … More Ireland: Dursey Island

Far South Instameet: Trains, caves and a nice cup of tea.

These Instameets keep getting better and better! For our latest adventure we headed to the south of Tasmania. Our first port of call was the exceedingly delightful Chapel Lane Hall, a former church with over 100 years of history under its roof. The space has been lovingly converted into self-contained accommodation with tasteful touches and … More Far South Instameet: Trains, caves and a nice cup of tea.

Willow Court Asylum

Regular readers of this blog and followers of my Instagram will know I really like urban exploration. I didn’t get a chance to do much of it in the Czech Republic while we were there, however the little bit I did was awesome! Now that we’re in Tasmania I’ve been hoping to check out the … More Willow Court Asylum