Following on from the last post where we enjoyed an extended stay in Česká Třebová, we made our way to the bus-stop outside the train station and departed for Litomyšl. We past through a number of smaller towns, nestled amongst the undulating farmlands and thick forests of this part of the Pardubice region. Quite a few passengers … More Litomyšl

Česká Třebová

As part of our commitment to see more of the Czech Republic while we are here, we decided to go East this time. We had planned to visit the picturesque town of Litomyšl with it’s long narrow square. There’s no direct way to get to Litomyšl so we had to get a train to Česká Třebová and … More Česká Třebová

Our new home

Apologies for the lapse in posting, been pretty busy settling in, looking for work and exploring the town. What town you say? Why Pardubice of course, the capitol of the region of Pardubice. To help my friends understand and remember the name, we came up with the term Party-pizza, just don’t say it to the … More Our new home