Shene Estate: Ordinary people, extraordinary challenge.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending another Instameet with the ever more familiar (and growing) group of photographers I’ve been getting to know over the past few weeks. Shene Estate was the venue of choice for this Instameet, organised by @lifecatchme with support from @loves_laughs, @jayedevil and @lovethywalrus. Being without vehicular transport for the … More Shene Estate: Ordinary people, extraordinary challenge.

Villa Howden

Another weekend adventure, another Instameet and another fantastic day in a beautiful location. I could get used to this. For Instameet 29 there was a brilliant turnout at Villa Howden, located near the village of……’re absolutely right, you’ve won the toaster oven….Howden. So what is Villa Howden? Well I’ll let their very nicely written website … More Villa Howden

Sedlec Ossuary

Them bones, them bones need…..their picture taken… thrown at them…..a light dusting. I finally got round to visiting the beautiful town of Kutna Hora on Tuesday when we had a bank holiday in the Czech Republic. It seems to be one of the few places that a lot of my colleagues in work visit and … More Sedlec Ossuary

Welcome to the Rock

It’s a strange place to visit, old Alcatraz. Given what it was, it really shouldn’t be a tourist destination. And yet, millions of people go there every year to ooh and aah at the former homes of murderers, rapists and hardcore criminals. Hell, if you’re “lucky”, you can even have a chat with a former … More Welcome to the Rock