Snowbart: A Winter Wonderland on Mount Nelson in Tasmania

Woke up to a Winter Wonderland in Mount Nelson this morning! Snow had been promised and snow was indeed delivered! It’s still coming down as I write this but alas has mostly melted away now. We had very little snow in the Czech Republic for the last two Winters so it was so nice waking up to the sight of snow this morning here in Tassie. The photos below are from our garden (oops forgot to bring the washing in last night) and all along Nelson Road leading up to the Signal Station where the scene was really quite magical. The last time there was anywhere near this much snow in Tasmania was in 1986!! It was an absolute pleasure to have been here to witness this rare event and here’s hoping for more in the coming days.

DSCF2802 DSCF2808 DSCF2810 DSCF2826 DSCF2832 DSCF2837 DSCF2857 DSCF2859 DSCF2872 DSCF2880 DSCF2882 DSCF2891 DSCF2892 DSCF2901 DSCF2904 DSCF2908 DSCF2916 DSCF2929 DSCF2934 DSCF2939 DSCF2942 DSCF2945 DSCF2955 DSCF2956 DSCF2961 DSCF2963 DSCF2968 DSCF2974 DSCF2978 DSCF2984 DSCF2987 DSCF3003 DSCF3006 Snowy Hobart 800px

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