White Wellington

The weather in Tassie has been having a bit of a Game of Thrones vibe as of late. You wait ages for Winter to come and wonder where on earth it is and then BOOM! Winter is most definitely here and that means one thing….snow glorious snow! I’ve been absolutely loving looking up at the … More White Wellington

Snowbart: A Winter Wonderland on Mount Nelson in Tasmania

Woke up to a Winter Wonderland in Mount Nelson this morning! Snow had been promised and snow was indeed delivered! It’s still coming down as I write this but alas has mostly melted away now. We had very little snow in the Czech Republic for the last two Winters so it was so nice waking … More Snowbart: A Winter Wonderland on Mount Nelson in Tasmania

Snow place like home

I hate to say it but I’m finally sick of snow, and all it’s loveliness. Back home we’d get snow once every……..ooooooh…..ten years, although in recent years we’ve had some pretty nasty winters with heavy snow. But it was still a novelty, we made a snowman, messed about in it, laughed when we slipped on … More Snow place like home