My first Aurora!

On Wednesday evening I had the immense pleasure of seeing my first instance of the Aurora Australis. Ironically I missed the main activity as I was attending a free lecture in the University of Tasmania on…..the Aurora. What are the chances? 🙂 The lecture was really interesting and had the added bonus of Loic Le … More My first Aurora!

Snowbart: A Winter Wonderland on Mount Nelson in Tasmania

Woke up to a Winter Wonderland in Mount Nelson this morning! Snow had been promised and snow was indeed delivered! It’s still coming down as I write this but alas has mostly melted away now. We had very little snow in the Czech Republic for the last two Winters so it was so nice waking … More Snowbart: A Winter Wonderland on Mount Nelson in Tasmania

Truganini Reserve

Much of Tasmania’s spectacular scenery is located beyond Hobart and requires a car to get there but that doesn’t mean there aren’t scenic walks and trails right on your doorstep should be in the capital. One such trail can be found on Mount Nelson or near Taroona, depending on where you start from. The Truganini … More Truganini Reserve