Wine tasting in Znojmo


Apologies for the delay in posting anything new for a while, been very busy with work…..and…..ummmm….catching up on Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones……

Tisk tisk tisk bad James, get blogging! Right well let’s take another trip to Znojmo shall we? This post is about our first night in the beautiful Moravian town of Znojmo. We went there for a wine/classical music festival that was on in the town back at the start of the Summer and had an absolutely wonderful time.

On our first evening we took a leisurely stroll down to the old square where the wine tasting was taking place. As we arrived at the edge of the square we were greeted by a procession of people in masks. No it wasn’t a gang of muggers or armed robbers but a parade to mark the start of the festival. There were people in costume masks juggling and playing instruments, others were passing around wine to people in the square. We decided to follow the parade and see where they were off to. Not very far it turns out as they stopped in front of the clock tower overlooking the square. More wine was handed out and the President of the Festival Jiri Ludvik said some words. After finishing off the last of the wine, the crowd quickly dispersed and we made our way to the square. There was a small stage set up where a band of gentleman were playing some old classics.

Cue several hours of tasting some rather delicious wines and eating a wrap and some cheese, seeing a firework display, a giant dog, and some pretty damn epic classical music and we had ourselves a most splendid evening indeed.

Following the parade up to the clock tower.
The dog wasn’t too impressed with the commotion below.
President of the festival Jiri Ludvik speaking to the crowd.

_DSF7947 _DSF7944 _DSF7938 _DSF7918 _DSF7914

“We love you Znojmo, rock on whoooo!”…or something along those lines.
Mmmmmm wine.
Mmmmm more wine and arty distorted statue/tower shot.
The delightful town square in Znojmo was host to the wine tasting event.
Nice horse.
The very impressive fireworks display.
Run for your lives, it’s the Rapture! Oh wait no….it’s just the fireworks… bad. Go about your business.
These guys and gals were awesome.
*Sigh* They just don’t make them like this anymore.
Some rather funky artwork on the wall of the gallery.
The wine takes hold and the dancing begins.
There was something fishy going on behind this lady.
You can’t really tell from the photo but these gentlemen and ladies were very impressive musicians.
Look at the lady in the background there….loving it she is. And that big green fella, he should put some pants on.
The instruments taking a well earned break and having a little nap.

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