An evening in Steveston

Time for a little break from the Czech Republic this time round. Sinéad and I recently had a most delightful trip to the beautiful city of Vancouver in Canada as part of a birthday surprise for her dad. Thankfully the surprise worked out and he was none the wiser until we turned up to say hello.

It was our second trip to Canada and like our previous trip in 2009 it went by all too quickly. One of the highlights of the trip this time round was the evening we drove down to Steveston, a small fishing village to the south of the city. It’s like driving into another world, a place trapped in time. The word quaint gets thrown around quite a lot on this blog but I think Steveston deserves its place in that category too. There’s numerous fish restaurants selling the catch of the day as well as a number of vendors operating whale watching tours.

On our first visit we had strolled around the harbour and visited the cannery at the end of the town. This time as the sun was going down we decided to explore behind the cannery and boy was it worth it. There’s a really nice park area leading down to the sea and we were greeted by a stunning sunset as we made our way along the path.

The backdrop to this beautiful light show was the stunning scenery out in the bay, mountains as far as the eye can see, cargo ships making their way back and forth and driftwood and debris glowing in the fading light. It really was quite the sight and a perfect end to a lovely evening. Oh and apologies again to Andrew and Leslie for tieing their son’s shoelaces together……

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