Sincere apologies for the lack of posting recently, I was on holidays in Canada and have finally caught up on sleep, work and everything in between.

So where were we? Ah yes, Brno, the Moto GP World Championship. The big day awaits…

After finally somehow managing to get some sleep, maybe two hours tops it was time to get back up and do it all again…hurray!! No seriously, hurray!!! The day had finally come, sure we’d seen the bikes out on track but this was it, a Moto GP race, right before our eyes, and ears. Let’s be having you!

I’ll let the pictures do the talking on this one and I’ll just say if you get the opportunity to attend a Moto GP race, do it. And if it’s the Brno race be sure to stay in the campsite across from the track, or at least spend an evening there, trust me you won’t regret either.

Making our way from the campsite to the track.
Don’t shout “Penis”, Don’t shout “Penis”, Don’t shout “Penis”
Turns 12 and 13, where there’s been a few crashes over the years.
Climbing up through the scenery on our way past the seating area F.
Look at beautiful countryside, almost time to ruin the serenity.
The Rossi fanclub area clearly marked for those would be trespassers.
The lower border of the Rossi area, before the extension.
Ralentino Vossi? Who’s he then?
The banking area when we arrived….
The banking area shortly afterwards.
Sinead rocking our Irish Rossi flag. I’m sure a lot of people thought we’d left our Italian flag out in the sun a little too long.
The fans favourite was clearly Rossi, by a long long way.
The “Safety” Car which was going sideways around almost every corner, driven by retired Moto GP legend Loris Capirossi I believe.
“Say Neeeeeeeeeeeeowm!!….I mean…cheeeeeeeeeeeese”
A bloke in a dodgy outfit waving a Rossi flag on the other side of the track……cue massive cheers from the crowd.
The Rossi section filled to capacity, a few non yellow shirts in there….cheeky.
The two seater Ducati bringing some VIP lunatic around the track, and they didn’t take it slow by any means. I would be absolutely bricking it.
Wahey, the marshals getting involved in some pre-race antics.
And they’re off, Moto 2 first up with Scott Reading (45) looking to extend his championship lead.
Britain’s Scott Reading on his way to a rather lacklustre finish.
Man down, crashes look are more horrifying than they look on TV, and they look horrifying enough on TV.
A tight battle for the lead raged throughout the exciting Moto 2 race.
The fans on the far embankment enjoying the show.
Finland’s Mika Kallio celebrates his hard fought victory with some of his crew.
The incredibly impressive Police motorcyclists who put on an eye-watering show of balance, grace and phenomenal skill.
ROOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAR!!!! I AM A JET FIGHTER BITCHES!!!!! The Saab Gripen laying waste to everyone’s eardrums once again.
Hi there, Valentino Rossi waves to the crowd on the warm up lap.
It all became too much for one fun who literally exploded with excitement.
Ah jaysus Pavel ya weigh a feckin tonne, will ya stop dancing around up there?
Aaaagh, so exciting the first time they come around. Not pictured, Jorge Lorenzo who is out of shot wringing the neck of his Yamaha to try and escape those pesky Repsol Hondas.
Oh dear, Czech rider Lukas Pesek crashes out early on.
Local hero Karel Abraham who will unfortunately have to sit out the rest of the season through injury.
What’s going through Lorenzo’s mind right here? I’m going to go with the theme music from Jaws.
The Ducatis having their own little ding dong as always.
Rossi who couldn’t keep up with the Spaniards at the front had a race long dice with Alvaro Bautista who thankfully didn’t crash into him this time….dope.
Duuun dun duuun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun.
The Ducatis sound so damn good. Earplugs Shmearplugs.
Curse you! Marquez in the lead coming down into the stadium section.
Come on Lorenzo, catch back up with him and kick that young pup off! Just kidding that wouldn’t be very sportsmanlike.
What the f……..
Huzzah, Rossi triumphed over Bautista in the end. Still a bit of a gap to the front guys though….
Another 4th place for Rossi, getting onto the podium is no easy task in 2013.
The Abraham fans on the other side of the stadium section.
An official Rossi fan club bus all the way from Italy! Ok it’s not all that far away but still, fair play.
Just one of the Rossi merchandise trucks present at the track. I’d say they make an absolute fortune come race weekend.
One of Lorenzo’s M1 Yamahas in the Monster Energy area. Absolute beast of a machine.





6 thoughts on “MOTO GP 2013: BRNO, CZECH REPUBLIC (RACE DAY)

  1. Cool stuff! Motor sports really aren’t my cup of tea, so this is a spectacle I’ve never taken in. Nice to see a Gripen was there just to remind everyone what a REAL motor sounds like. πŸ˜€

    The Czech police motorcycle unit put on a great show. They did it this past weekend at NATO Day in Ostrava and are as sharp as ever.

    Where in Canada were you?

    1. In Vancouver, plenty of blog posts to come from that although not many airplanes I’m afraid, saw my first A380 which was cool, it’s such a monster of a plane. And then there were the usual sea planes in the harbour.

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