Inception (The Museum)

The museum in Hradec Kralove is itself a museum. A museum within a museum. And in that museum within a museum, there’s a diorama with a small model of the museum, which is in the museum within the museum…….MIND BLOWN.

The exhibits are divided up into the usual chronological order you see in museums, starting from the earliest signs of man, and working up through the ages until modern times. The oldest exhibit is displayed in a way that highlights the efforts of the archaeologists who discover these clues from the past. Along with actual artifacts, there are photos from the various sites, showing the archaeologists at work, digging sites, marking out areas of interests and general getting pretty muddy. There’s even a small exhibit of the tools they use…..Ooooh a trowel, ooooh a shovel. It’s nice to see how the artifacts are discovered though, and to realise the effort that goes into finding them.

My favourite area wasn’t one of the exhibits. It was the hallway on the first floor. Sure the upper hallway is more of a spectacle with that domed ceiling, but there was something about the first floor hallway that was just……magical. The whole building had a vibe and an atmosphere you just don’t get in most museums. Every inch of it was draped in stories from the past, you felt as if once you were inside, you were in the 1920’s. That’s what museums should do, they should transport you into the past and make you feel as if you were there. I’d highly recommend a visit to the museum, even just for the building itself.

Art Nouveau=amazing
My favourite part of the whole museum, this room just oozed early twentieth century charm.
No fatties getting out of that door.
One of the dioramas in the museum, like a giant Lego playmat
He’s not very headstrong, that’s no way to get ahead in life, he’ll never be the head of a major corporation…..i’m sorry I’ll stop now.
Ding dong
I’ve said it before, but they just don’t make them like this anymore. Shame.



The earliest known ad for Gambrinus? Probably not.
Mmmmmm door porn.
He must have been a good basketball player, look at those hands.
That’s something modern books are missing, illustration. Although I don’t think 50 Shades Of Grey would be sold in regular bookshops if it was….
Can’t take globes seriously after seeing that episode of The Simpsons.
Zombie priest!




“Jaysus lads, i’m freezing”
Beards. They used to be cool.


Another part of the museum that is an exhibit unto itself.







The engineer from Prometheus was a cross dresser, who’d have thought it?
The dioramas progress through each room showing the development of Hradec Kralove, from small village into regional capital.
Like a giant 3D map, this modern diorama served well to find cool places to go check out.
Now THAT’S a cabinet.Looks a bit like an angry robot though.


Cheer up love




Just one more photo of that incredible hallway, so decadent and full of class and sophistication. I would love to have been there in it’s heyday.
The lecture hall downstairs, host to many a fascinating talk over the years.

Tune in soon for a further exploration of Hradec Kralove and it’s quaint sights.

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