Headless in Hradec

We had the honour of attending one of Sinead’s colleague’s photography exhibits recently in Hradec Kralove. Jiri Urban, is not just a talented chemist, but also a dab hand at photography also, not to mention the air pistol. He kindly invited us along to the exhibition of his photography class and their latest projects. Jiri … More Headless in Hradec

Inception (The Museum)

The museum in Hradec Kralove is itself a museum. A museum within a museum. And in that museum within a museum, there’s a diorama with a small model of the museum, which is in the museum within the museum…….MIND BLOWN. The exhibits are divided up into the usual chronological order you see in museums, starting … More Inception (The Museum)

Adventure Time

Last weekend we finally got around to exploring beyond Pardubice, and decided to pay a visit to Hradec Králove, the regional capitol of the neighbouring Kraj or district. A Kraj is divided into counties so it’s more akin to a province. Anyhoo geographical complexities aside, Hradec Králove came highly recommended by the community on expats.cz, a fantastic … More Adventure Time