Getting high in Pardubice






No not that kind of high! the altitude kind, specifically scaling the relatively lofty heights of the Green Tower overlooking Pernštejn square. Now that Summer is starting to make an appearance, many of the cultural sights that had been closed for the Winter are starting to open up, including the Green Tower, Kunětice Castle and in a few days, the Arnost river boat. (We’ll definitely be taking a trip on that)

On the day we finally got to scale the Green Tower, Winter was still clinging on for dear life, not allowing the sun to appear or the snow to melt. It was a cold breezy day and the snow was falling heavily but gently. At the top of the tower, the wind effect created by it’s sheer walls forced the falling snowflakes to return back up, into the sky. It was surreal to witness snow rising up from below and seemingly returning to the clouds above.

For a small fee you get entrance to the tower, which includes a few interesting models which illustrate the history of Pardubice as you climb. When you reach the top, there is a full panoramic view from all sides of the tower. You can look east out over the beautiful old square, or walk around to the western side and gaze down třída Míru, which roughly translates as Peace Street. Looking to the North you can first see St. Bartholomew’s Church with the lovely chateau behind it. On the horizon the imposing Kunětice Castle juts out above the otherwise flat landscape. To the South offices and apartments of Pardubice fade into the distance and when the mist cleared, distant hills became visible on the horizon.

“No we don’t want to buy anything or sign up to adopt a goat, go away!”
Janny Ramone, the lesser known brother of the famous punk rockers
“I won’t say it again, be off with you door to door cow salesman!!”
The heroic story of how Pardubice attained its half a horse crest
“Could I interest you in buy a raffle tic…..jaysus where’s the rest of your horse?”
The crest of Pardubice, an homage to a valiant knight who carried his stricken horse back to his king
The mechanism controlling the clock on the tower
This fella looks a bit surprised
This one was definitely up to no good, pure mischief in his eyes
The view of the beautiful Pernštejn square
On the opposite side of the square, the modern heart of Pardubice
Bartholomew’s Church and the chateau beyond
The quaint old town streets curve away into the background
A snowy wonderland
A distant park appears out of the mist
Trees compete with man’s creations for dominance of the skyline
Kunětice Castle looms up out of the gloom
Elements of Pardubice’s great past sit side by side with its more modern developments
Braving the cold on the cobbled plaza below
That looks a little bit roof
On our return to ground level we were greeted by the sight of this delightful old bus
We retired to the charming Cafe Bajer on třída Míru for a lovely cup of coffee and slice of cake
Cafes are a great place to do a spot of people watching and street photography
Mmmmmmmmm sugar


The Green Tower is well worth a visit and the views from the top are great, and you also get a nice little history lesson on the way up. A few Czech crowns well spent if you ask me.

5 thoughts on “Getting high in Pardubice

    1. Tis lovely, we thought it was really old and genuine WW2 era but turns out it’s not that old, still lovely and quaint though, it feels like you’re genuinely back in the old days.

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