White Wellington

The weather in Tassie has been having a bit of a Game of Thrones vibe as of late. You wait ages for Winter to come and wonder where on earth it is and then BOOM! Winter is most definitely here and that means one thing….snow glorious snow! I’ve been absolutely loving looking up at the mountain the past few mornings to see it laced with a blanket of snow.

We’ve been itching to get up there but alas have been thwarted by the gate closures that prevent driving to the top. Safety First after all. This weekend past we finally had our chance, after almost giving up on adventures following an intense struggle to get up at the crack of dawn for a planned trip to the Disappearing Tarn. I randomly decided to check the Mount Wellington road status and yahooo! the gates were all open! Adventure weekend was a go! Yay!

We decided to go for a hike along the South Wellington Trail which leads to Smiths Monument. It’s my favourite part of the mountain at any time so to see it covered in snow was just freaking awesome! I also got a chance to test out some gators I had purchased and I can happily report they performed splendidly. Wish I had them last year when we did Disappearing Tarn in heavy snow. Word of advice: Don’t walk in snow up to your knees without gators 🙂

Anyhoodle, enough gibberish, on with the photos!


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