Magical Kunětické

After being beaten back by the wind on our first walk to Kunětické, and then running out of time on my second exploration, it was a case of third time’s a charm when we finally reached the castle atop the hill. It was a glorious sunny day, albeit still cold and windy when we set out on our latest adventure. Sinéad had brought her skates back from Ireland and I had my longboard ready to go.

We set off down the path that runs along the river, and ventured into Brozany, onwards past Raby and into the woods leading up to the castle.

Have no idea what this feature is, some kind of shrine I guess.
Certainly makes the railing a lot prettier.
Candles complement the scarves and fabric on the railing.
The rowing club’s vessels awaiting their next outing on the river.
Snow clings to the recesses of this ploughed field, refusing to let Spring have its day.
On the way into Brozany, past the point at which we turned back the last time.
The castle awaits us, beyond the fields and electricity pylons.
A lone chicken pecks at the ground in a nearby garden.
Every house has their own stockpile of wood.
The flag of Raby. My girlfriend’s name translates as “one black crow” and the colours of my hometown in Ireland are yellow and black. Interesting coincidence all the way out here?
Chickens soaking up the sun, unaware of their impending doom. *cue evil maniacal laughter*

After a quick skate through Brozany and Raby we entered the woodlands at the base of the mountain. We ditched our wheeled transport as skating uphill is just not pleasant at all. There’s no pathway on the road up and it’s quite narrow so you need to walk with care. We reached the entrance way to the castle grounds and continued up the path. There’s an intriguing bunker type building on the way up that looks like something straight out of a World War 2 movie.

Oh how I wanted to skate down this path, alas the sheer number of tourists would have made it a dangerous venture.
As you climb higher the landscape opens up and you can see for miles around the beautiful Czech countryside.
The “bunker” looking out over the land behind the castle.
Alas it was off limits to us mere civilians, would love to take a look inside.

We reached the castle’s outer fortifications after what seemed like a fairly brief walk and had a gander at the huge well outside the castle. All along the outer edge of the grounds there is a high wall with windows from which to shoot at the enemy. They start high up and gradually the ground rises up to make them more accessible. I assume there was a wooden platform in place at one stage, either that or the archers were arranged from shortest to tallest depending on which window they could reach.

“THIS IS KUNETICKA!!!” The huge well outside the castle where naturally the king kicked his foes into oblivion a la Leonidas. I like to think so anyway.
The beautiful castle surrounded by “hopefully” the last of this season’s snow.
The well outside the city walls.
One of the many windows from which to fire upon the enemy.
In parts it has the look of a country manor as opposed to a mighty fortification.

In the next post we’ll step inside the castle and explore its fascinating and dangerous interior.

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