Česká Třebová

As part of our commitment to see more of the Czech Republic while we are here, we decided to go East this time. We had planned to visit the picturesque town of Litomyšl with it’s long narrow square. There’s no direct way to get to Litomyšl so we had to get a train to Česká Třebová and then take a bus from there.

As always happens on our adventures we neglect to remember that it’s either a bank holiday or a Sunday and nothing is open or the bus timetables change. And sure enough this was the case when we walked out of Česká Třebová train station. Pretty much three hours until the next bus, dang it!  So we decided to take a stroll around Česká Třebová and see what this town had to offer to random visitor.

As is customary with Czech towns, the first port of call is the old square, well no the first port of call is usually the train station but you get the idea. Česká Třebová’s old square is nice and quaint, albeit a bit of a car park. With narrow winding streets and farmland beyond, for many Czech towns the old town square is often the only decent parking place available.

_DSF7374 _DSF7375

Behind the square there was a delightful church which looked to be getting ready for a wedding when we arrived. Sure enough when we were in the square having lunch a little while later, a wedding party drove through, the drivers honking their horns in celebration.

_DSF7377 _DSF7379We continued on our merry stroll around the town, checking out the local school, a grand imposing building that echoed with the sounds of past students. Around the back there was a street basketball tournament in full swing. There really is always something going on in this country, not a weekend passes where some sort of event isn’t happening. It really is a credit to the local governments here, they know how to keep the people entertained and active.

Elsewhere around the town we came across a memorial to those lost in the wars from the town as well as some typical communist era murals depicting the work force, and of course the chicken man…

I believe this is the mascot of Česká Třebová. Pardubice gets half a horse, Česká Třebová gets a chicken-man……thing.
Down pericscope. The ornate roof of the high school building.


I really do love the window displays in the Czech Republic. Nothing says chic like aluminium foil lady.
Emmmm….where’s Ireland?
The countryside surrounding Česká Třebová was a mish-mash of rolling agricultural hills and tree-lined hills towering above the train line.
The memorial to those lost during the wars. It’s always sad to see a number of names from one family
Okay so the first one is a soldier, the middle one is the working man, the third one…..Silver Surfer? Engineer from Prometheus?
Something mildly sexist about this mural. The man is the educated money maker, the lady does the hard manual labour. Thankfully there’s a bit more equality now.
“Ah jaysus man this roof is well heavy!”
The street basketball tournament was the only sign of activity in the whole town.

_DSF7389 _DSF7401 _DSF7403 _DSF7404

We enjoyed our stroll around Česká Třebová and although the place was a bit of ghost town given the Bank Holiday it was still a quaint little town that I would imagine gets quite lively in the Winter with the nearby ski slopes. The time came for us to get the bus to Litomyšl and so we set off for this little gem in the hills.

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