Following on from the last post where we enjoyed an extended stay in Česká Třebová, we made our way to the bus-stop outside the train station and departed for Litomyšl. We past through a number of smaller towns, nestled amongst the undulating farmlands and thick forests of this part of the Pardubice region. Quite a few passengers got off in what seemed to be the middle of nowhere and we continued on into Litomyšl.

Our first sight of interest when we got off the bus was a cathedral on the edge of the main castle grounds. We strolled through into an expansive open area, where families and couples were relaxing in the sun. Children played in the waters of a water feature and those that couldn’t stand the heat were sheltering under the comforting shade of the customary cafe umbrella.

We ascended some stairs and made our way towards the main attraction, the Renaissance castle with its sgraffito walls and impressive grounds. At the time of our visit there was an art exhibition of local artist Vaclav Bostik’s work. Now I’ll have to be careful here not to step on any toes but a canvas with a blue circle on it……..hmmmm. Not my cup of tea, I prefer art with a little more….effort I suppose you’d call it. I’m sure the blue circle represents some really deep meaningful euphemism for something truly beyond our comprehension but to me it’s just a canvas with a blue circle….different strokes for different folks I guess.

After exploring the castle and wishing we were here when the opera was on, the scaffolding was still up in the courtyard, we made our way to the other architectural delight of Litomyšl, the town square, or rather town very long elongated rectangle to be more precise. It’s one of the longest squares in the Czech Republic and despite it being a Bank Holiday was quite active with shops and restaurants open for business along its sheltered arcades.

We had a quick drink and some ice-cream at the far corner of the square before making our way back to the bus-stop for the journey back to Česká Třebová for the train home to Pardubice. A long day in the sun but a most splendid one, exploring another part of the Czech Republic. The following day we were off exploring again, this time we visited three very different locations in one day, more on that little adventure to come.

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8 thoughts on “Litomyšl

  1. Reblogged this on Beyond Prague and commented:
    While I ponder my next addition to Beyond Prague, this very nice write up of the Eastern Bohemian city, Litomyšl, was recently posted by a fellow expat who makes his home in the central Czech city of Pardubice.

    I’ve only been to Litomyšl once and the weather was questionable and left me with rather poor photos which I would not try to use in a blog entry. I leave it to James Spencer to give you a primer on this lovely Czech town which I highly recommend a visit to.

    I also highly recommend a visit to James’ blog: “Czeching Out” Lots of well written and entertaining articles to peruse there.

    1. Thanks maddy 🙂 Spotted that view on the way back to the bus. I see you’re a WWOOFer, I remember hanging out with some WWOOFers in Ireland while shooting my thesis project, a really interesting experience 🙂

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