Headless in Hradec

We had the honour of attending one of Sinead’s colleague’s photography exhibits recently in Hradec Kralove. Jiri Urban, is not just a talented chemist, but also a dab hand at photography also, not to mention the air pistol.

He kindly invited us along to the exhibition of his photography class and their latest projects. Jiri had two seperate displays, one a series of “headless” portraits, and the other a series of images from a hunter’s ball.

His fellow classmates had their own displays, ranging from black and white portraits to lovely macro shots of a violin. There was an intriguing before and after series of couples where the photographer re-enacted a photograph taken years earlier and printed them side by side. It was really interesting to see how people age and yet the essence of their character remains. I think it’s in the eyes, they really are a window into a person’s soul.

It was a very pleasant afternoon and the quality of work on display was most excellent indeed. I look forward to seeing what they come up with next.

If you’d like to check out more of Jiri’s work you can visit his site at http://www.jiriurban.cz/

These windows reminded me of the control room from Jurassic Park so of course I HAD to add a raptor in there 🙂
There was a lovely bit of music to introduce the exhibition.
Such a cool idea.
Mmmmmmmmm Jiri’s Fuji X100. A thing of pure beauty.
Jiri and his wife pose below his images.
These images weren’t connected with the exhibition but were pretty funky all the same.
A fine crowd turned up to view the photographs.
The audience listens to the class teacher introducing his students.
Guests discuss the photographs.
Having a bit of fun.
Lovely ice and winter macros.
The images were displayed on hanging cubes, a novel format that encouraged you to walk around and discover more.
Jiri’s fascinating images from the hunter’s ball.
One of Jiri’s headless portraits.
More images from the hunter’s ball.
Whoops. Stopping one of the displays from spinning.
The teacher (left) discusses the images with his students.
Appreciating the fine work on display.
More images from the hunter’s ball series.
It’s not everyday you go to a ball and bring home a whole deer.
Macro ice with black and white portraits in the background.
The exhibition was displayed in the entrance to a cinema.
Some more of the lovely macro images.
The violin shots were really interesting, abstract and a nice study of a beautiful instrument.

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