A Cape Hauy Christmas

First and foremost, a very Merry Christmas to all of you! Hope you’re all having a most wonderful Christmas wherever you are.

Christmas Eve for me, has typically involved being in work, oh the joys of retail and hospitality. This year with the new job however I found myself free on the 24th and sure, I could have gone down to the pub or chilled at home but my friend Mo had a much better suggestion. “Let’s go for a hike!”

The initial (and very ambitious) plan was to go to Cape Pillar, however a quick Google search found that said hike takes 2 days. Best save that one for next time. The backup plan was Cape Hauy. The amazing thing about Tasmania is that the backup plan is often just as amazing as the main one, you’ll never be disappointed on a hike in Tassie, not even when it’s raining and you can’t see a damn thing like we experienced on Maria Island a few months ago. That was still awesome. It’s the journey, not the destination as they say.

This particular journey began at 8am and I was a wee bit worse for wear after having a somewhat late one the night before. It didn’t take long to recover however, a 100kph breeze in your face while leaning out the window of the car will see to that πŸ™‚ My travelling companions consisted of my friend Mo from Iran, his friend Eric, also from Iran and Audrey, a couch surfer from France. A truly international affair.

We had a brief rest stop in the quaint village of Dunalley before stopping to admire the view at the Eaglehawk Neck lookout spot. I’d definitely recommend taking that left turn if you’re passing through the area. For further proof of my recommendation, see below πŸ™‚

Now THAT’S a view!

Whatever it takes to get the shot. Mo is a dedicated man.

The road to Cape Hauy is a gravelly one, 20km of bumpy and dusty road so definitely don’t bring your shiny rental or low profile sports car.
We arrived at Fortescue Bay, the start point of the Cape Hauy trail. There’s a campsite right next to the beach and there were a good few families there to spend the Christmas in this beautiful spot. Fortescue beach is simply gorgeous, aquamarine and crystal clear waters and on this occassion….Dolphins!! A whole pod was casually swimming up and down the shoreline. Mo couldn’t resist and went for a swim in the azure waters while we went to purchase the park pass. After a quick rest and drying out in the sun, we were ready for the hike to the cape.

Our snack of choice for the day, and seemingly for every adventure was the tasty sugary Snakes Alive by Allen’s. We always joke about seeing snakes on our hikes while eating them and this day was no different as Eric suddenly shouted out “Snake!!! Snaaaake!!. I chuckled and turned around to see him pointing at my foot and sure enough there was a juvenile snake slithering away into the bush. I was literally millimetres away from treading on it/having it take a bite at me. PHEW!!!!! So with that being said…ALWAYS LOOK AT THE GROUND NEAR YOUR FEET WHEN HIKING IN TASMANIA! πŸ™‚

Anyhoo on with the bulk of the photos. Enjoy πŸ™‚

What an awesome spectacle!

The trail is well marked and easy to follow.

Tranquil as can be.

There’s great views out over the bay as you ascend towards the cape.

Where’s the sun gone? Uh oh.

I love when trails just spread out before you into the distance. Just makes the thought of what’s over the next hill more exciting. 

Don’t forget to slow down and admire the beautiful fauna around you.

Getting moody and quite alien.

All smiles on the last leg of the trail.

The sea mist was emanating up from below and coming out behind this bit of jutting out rock. It was so atmospheric.Either that or there were some dudes vaping hard at the base of the cliffs. 

Seeing another cape from atop another cape. 

So damn cool looking with the mist rolling over the rocks.

Some see decay, I see a beautiful scene.

The view starting to disappear a little. 

Only for the brave. It’s a loooooong way down. 

More moody scenes on the other side of the cape.

Just breathtaking the geology here. So ancient and primordial.

The famous Totem Pole at Cape Hauy. A favourite among lunati…..I mean climbers. Just looking down at it gives you shivers down your spine. 

A little pano from the viewing platform. 

Life finds a way. 

Crawling on your belly is really the only “safe” way to get a better look over the edge. Always be safe though.

King of the Trees atop his majestic castle. 

A production still from Alien Covenant or the moody atmosphere at Cape Hauy?

Me and the gang.

Snapped this one through the car window on the drive home. Damn this state is beautiful. 
More information on Cape Hauy including how to get there here

Did a bit of Photoshopping on one of the shots from Cape Hauy. Something to convey the thoughts I had while up there in the mist.

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