Sydney Street Photography

I was really excited to get to Sydney a couple of weeks ago for two reasons. One….it’s Sydney! Two….Street Photography! Hobart is a lovely little city but I was hoping for something bigger, a place you could get truly lost in and be presented with a myriad of street photography opportunities and a city as big as Sydney is just perfect for that.

Usually when we go on holidays, I bring all my camera gear and the kitchen sink….and of course end up not using half of it. So for this trip I packed light, very light. Frank my trusty Fujifilm X30 was to be my only photographic companion and you know what? It was fantastic! No fumbling for lenses or filters, just straight up shooting as I went…perfect.

Of course in cities as large as Sydney, street photography is pretty popular and there’s some absolute amazing photographers practising their craft there. One of my favourites is Markus Andersen, who I first came across in this fantastic documentary online. He took a great shot in the Broadway area recently and for some reason I became obsessed with finding the same spot. And I did! With only the image and the general area to go on, I wandered down Broadway before randomly deciding to try one of the side streets heading towards Glebe and boom, there it was. Now his image is just fantastic and my humble homage is just that. You should definitely check out the documentary on him as well as his new book Rage Against the Light which I’m hoping to pick up myself soon.

I had one afternoon to myself in which to walk the streets and shoot and of course as a street photographer that’s never enough. We make do with what we can get though and any opportunity to get out and shoot is a valuable one and something I always get a great buzz out of. I mainly walked around the CBD area covering several kilometres I suppose. Other than that one shot on my to-do list I had no preplanned ideas for what I wanted to shoot, I just walked and took things as they came.

We’re off to Melbourne for Christmas and hopefully I’ll get a chance to get out and about on those streets and try some street shooting in another big city. Can’t wait!

Here’s some shots from my Sydney strollings anyhoo.


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