Quamby Bluff

What’s this? Czeching Out Tasmania posting about Tasmania? What a novelty! I’ve been tearing through the blog posts from Ireland in recent weeks and completely neglected to post about Tassie. I am a terrible person, I know and I apologise profusely. So let’s get back into it, let’s get some Tassie action going!

Back at the tail end of October last year, Gemma and I went for a drive up the Central Plateau to climb Quamby Bluff. We’d passed it a couple of times on previous visits and knowing it’s an Abel, we knew we’d conquer it eventually.

I’m in the process of getting my driving licence and this was a good opportunity to get plenty of hours. I drove as far as Liawenee on the Western edge of Great Lake before Gemma took over for the rest of the trip. We arrived at the car park for Quamby Bluff and promptly entered the woods and were on our way.

Off we pop.
Some beautiful forest on the way up.
Love the beauty of Tasmanian forests where every tree is a microcosm of life within itself.
Thank you to whoever puts these up on the hiking trails, they are fantastic!
Gemma passing under a cool arch in the forest.

Before long the forest cleared and gave way to an open scree slope. It wasn’t a patch on the huge one at Stacks Bluff but still a nice hop, skip and jump all the same. We stopped to catch our breath and slug some water before continuing back into the woods towards the summit. There’s a cool saddle just below the summit that offers lovely views through to the valley behind Quamby as well as back the way you came. You then turn to the right and make your way up a short rock scramble and before you know it, you’re there. The vertical gives way to horizontal and your legs can relax a bit. You’re almost there.

Making our way up the scree slope.
Orange is the new green.
Trip hazard.
Getting there…
The last bit of scrambling before the top.

The summit of Quamby is an interesting one and surprisingly damp given the relative dryness of the slopes on the way up. A series of metal poles with arrows on them light the way to the actual summit. They came in handy on the day we were there, as there was a bit of cloud cover shrouding the top in a misty haze.

I love the surprise of summits, you never know what kind of environment it’s going to be…..unless you’re an expert in Tasmanian alpine regions, in which case you’ll know exactly what to expect haha.
Gemma disappearing into the mist as we neared the summit.
Can you see which way to go?
Cairns also point the way. Well they don’t point the way but they at least give you reassurance you’re on the right track.

We hopped along the summit for a little while, passed arrow after arrow and puddle after puddle before finally seeing the Trig point. We were there, another Abel done and dusted after a pretty cruisey journey up from the carpark. We stopped for lunch, had our delicious pie (Thanks Gemma!) and went for a wander about before remembering it was pretty damn cold and the car had a heater.

Whoop Whoop another Abel summited.
Obligatory summit selfie.
Gemma taking in the view from the lumpy part of Quamby Bluff.

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