The Greatest Adventure of All

Since meeting Gemma back at the end of 2016 my life has been one big adventure. I’ve seen places with her I had long dreamt about others I still can’t believe are real and right on our doorstep. I’ve always been drawn to mountains and the outdoors and to be able to share that passion with someone as wonderful as Gemma has been the happiest time of my life. I adore our adventures, from messing around at the local shop to going on a multi-day hike into the remotest parts of Tasmania.

We’re about to be joined on our adventures by a new arrival and I couldn’t be more excited!! I can’t wait to meet this tiny human and bring them along on our journeys into the bush. They’ve already been to more places while in the womb than many people have been their whole lives and I’m sure they won’t be at all pleased when we tell them they were in Iceland but didn’t get to see anything!

The pregnancy has of course curtailed our more extreme adventures and made the big trip to Ireland, Iceland and Hong Kong a little different than we had planned. Poor Gemma didn’t get to get smashed at an Irish wedding for starters haha!

That doesn’t mean she’s been totally immobilised however as just a couple of weekends ago she completed her 21st Abel at 31 weeks. That was our second peak that day too! She’s an absolute trooper and is doing an amazing job and is going to be such a fantastic mum.

So freaking excited!!!!

Our little baba at 22 weeks.
Gemma atop Sandbanks Tier a few weeks ago.
31 weeks pregnant and sitting happy on the summit of Mount Campbell with Cradle Mountain in the background.

7 thoughts on “The Greatest Adventure of All

  1. Wow you three are awesome adventurers – cannot wait to meet you all (that includes James who we have not seen for a number of years)! Loving your posts – we are also following your ideas about Ireland as we set off on our adventure touring around in June and July! Nga mihi o Aotearoa. Diane and Kay xxx

      1. Sounds great if you have the time! Our trip will be first to Belfast where we are at an Air Bnb for 5 nights with friends then we travel anticlockwise around Eire with stops pre-booked in Galway 4 nights , then Killarney 4 nights and then to Cork 2 nights before we reach Dublin! The Dingle Peninsula looks like a good place to check out. It all looks awesome though ……

        1. I have a couple more posts to do on Ireland including Achill and Tory Islands. Achill you can drive on to and is spectacular. Tory you have to get a ferry and that’s not for the easily seasick ๐Ÿ˜„

        2. Thanks so much – great stories, great pics and fabulous scenery – can hardly wait (but not so sure about the ferry as I can get seasick)!!

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