The Big Trip: Ireland, Iceland & Hong Kong

Been a while since I’ve posted any major adventures on the blog or new images on my Instagram account. That’s all about to change over the next 5 weeks! Tomorrow morning we set off to Ireland for my brother’s wedding and then go on a 2 week roadtrip around Ireland. After that, we head to Iceland for a 12 day campervan roadtrip before spending a few days in Hong Kong on our way back to Tassie to hopefully get over the jetlag.

We’ve put together pretty detailed itineraries for the Ireland and Iceland trips as you can see in the Google My Maps below. Haven’t got around to doing one for Hong Kong so that’s going to be more of a chilling out/winging it kind of trip. Stay tuned for plenty of blog posts and feel free to send on any recommendations in the comments below šŸ™‚

Images are from Google Maps.

Ireland Trip map
The plan for Ireland. Doesn’t look like much (compared with Iceland below anyway) but there’s going to be lots of sightseeing and walks along the way. We’ll be driving from Cork, up the West Coast and then back down to Dublin from Northern Ireland.
Iceland Trip Map
The big one. 12 days in a campervan travelling clockwise from Reykjavik and seeing as much as possible. I went to town on the planning for this one and we’ll do very well to see everything on this map. Just being in Iceland will be amazing enough I think. Dream trip!

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