Royal Hobart Show 2015

If there’s something I’ve been meaning to do more of, it’s getting involved in the local culture and activities that make Tasmania the fabulous place it is. In recent years, this little island has been putting itself well and truly on the world map, with numerous tourism, food and beverage accolades that show no signs of abating. The enigma that is MONA has been a major contributor to Tasmania’s resurgence and has helped to develop an exciting new arts and crafts scene that is filtering out into all aspects of Tasmanian life.

Despite all this modernisation and the avant-garde cultural changes, there’s still something very traditional and old fashioned at the heart of Tasmania…..agriculture. First held in 1822, the Royal Hobart Show is a feast of all things agriculture with many beasts of burden on display as well as more exotic species for the kids to ooh and aah at. The fairground element is of course a huge draw for families with many different rides to have fun on or at least terrify mum and dad and then of course there’s the typical ring toss or target practice games that promise the prize of that most venerable of fairground traditions…..the cuddly toy.

There’s also displays of strength with wood cutting competitions and medieval re-enactments (although those perhaps are rather loosely related to Tasmania indeed). There really is a great deal to see and every inch of space has been used to maximum effect to ensure everyone has a good time and that there’s lots to see and do. It’s a great family day out and for me it was great to get an insight into what life is like out there beyond the city, where the real hard grind is done and the essential traditional elements that keep this island running are maintained.

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