South Arm: An oasis beyond the city

Back home in Dublin I was very fortunate to live right beside the seaside, my home town of Portmarnock has a gorgeous sandy beach that goes on and on for what seems like an eternity. After living in the landlocked Czech Republic for the past two years, it has been a pleasure to live beside (or at least within walking distance to be more precise) the sea once more. If you drive about 40 mins out of the city you’ll come to an area that really is a little slice of heaven. Located on a hook-like peninsula on the opposite side of the Derwent estuary to Hobart, South Arm and its beaches have been the closest I’ve come to feeling like I’m at home on the Velvet Strand in a long while.

It’s Winter down here now so all the romantic notions of frolicking on a golden sandy beach were a little hard to conjure up but that didn’t stop surfers gathering offshore for a bit of a paddle and short surf in the moderate waves. Two of Robert Pennicott’s boats were also enjoying the scenery as we arrived at the South facing beach on South Arm neck. They continued on their way back into Hobart as the sun went down and we carried on towards Opossum Bay and it’s idyllic seaside holiday village atmosphere. I can’t wait to return to this place in the summertime when I’m sure the beaches will be full to the brim with surfers, swimmers and families soaking up the sun and playing in the powdery sand just a short drive away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Hobart. There’s not too many cities in the World who can boast of having so many beaches just a stone’s throw away and Hobart is definitely one of those lucky ones.

The edge of Betsey Island and the reef on which sits a tiny little lighthouse.
“Look at that light!” I said to our friends when I turned around and was greeted by this scene. Not being photographers they weren’t half as excited as I was šŸ™‚
Black Jack rocks which separate the two beaches at the southern end of South Arm.
The tide moves quickly here so be careful you don’t get caught out by a sudden wave.
Two surfers making their way home after a (hopefully) successful afternoon of surfing.
A shell left behind by a visitor atop a weathered post.
Marram grass, that most glorious of plants that lets you know you’re arriving onto a proper sandy beach.
The crossroads of different lives, footprints in the sand, both human and canine show the beach is a popular walking spot.
The sun begins to set behind Mount Wellington as we make our way back to the car.
Glorious late afternoon light beams down upon the isthmus at South Arm.
I always say “It’s no Portmarnock beach” when I visit a new sandy locale but this one certainly gives it a good run for its money.
A surfer enjoys some late afternoon waves.
The beach at Opossum Bay is another silky smooth pleasure a short drive from the city. No wonder there’s holiday homes dotted along its sandy shores.
The sun dips below Mount Wellington as our lovely day draws to a close.
Imagine being able to have your breakfast looking out over this beach, and then popping downstairs to your garage and bringing your boat out into the water for a wee potter about. Blisstonia.
The last few hundred meters of South Arm are largely devoid of man’s influence and make for a lovely place to go for a stroll.
Looking back towards that idyllic enclave that is Opossum Bay.
Not bad for a photo from a speeding car as we made our way back to Hobart.

2 thoughts on “South Arm: An oasis beyond the city

  1. Some of the grasses you have portrayed may need a little attention in the height of summer – as in, you need to pay attention if walking through them. Two words … tiger snakes.
    And especially down there at both South Arm and O Bay.

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