Dublin mountains and Glendalough

On the eve of our next adventure to Tasmania, Australia I’d like to share a post from my home. Since we came back from the Czech Republic I’ve had the opportunity to see some of the most scenic parts of this beautiful island and will share some photos with you over the coming few posts.

I’ll start off with the mountainous scenery and sights on the doorstop of our capital city of Dublin. I get a little giddy anytime the terrain ramps up and the signs of humanity fade away into wilderness. There’s something about the ruggedness of mountains that just makes me smile from ear to ear whenever I have the pleasure of heading up in the world.

The Dublin and Wicklow mountains are by no means your typical alpine peaks but that doesn’t mean they aren’t any less breathtaking and this was certainly the case on the day my parents took me for a drive to Glendalough via the Old Military road through the mountains.

It was a glorious Spring day and we arrived in Glendalough at the perfect moment, as the sun was setting behind the hills that line the upper lake. Many people come to visit Dublin and stay in the city but if you have the opportunity, I highly recommend taking a trip south and up into the mountains.

There’s a dedicated bus service to Glendalough from the city centre. Find out more about that here.

And now for the usual photos that will hopefully give a sense of the beauty of this small piece of the Irish landscape.

DSCF1836 DSCF1846 DSCF1860 DSCF1886 DSCF1913 DSCF1922 DSCF1936 DSCF1942 DSCF1951 DSCF1967 DSCF1971 DSCF1975 DSCF1984 DSCF2001 DSCF2003 DSCF2010 DSCF2014 DSCF2032 DSCF2082 DSCF2090 DSCF2109 DSCF2115 DSCF2124 DSCF2133DSCF2111

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