Park Na Špici and introducing Frank

With just a few weeks left in the Czech Republic and lots of work to do to get ready for our next adventure I haven’t been able to get out and about to take pictures and go on adventures. For those of you who follow my Instagram feed, you’ll notice I have been taking plenty of pics, just not enough to justify a blog post.

Another issue was the lack of a camera, or rather a nice inconspicuous one, after poor Fred, my Fujifilm X10 was involved in a horrifying accident at the Brno Moto GP. I leaned on him in our tent and now the poor fella isn’t able to zoom past 35mm. Still works but quite crippled.

So all the posts since then have been utilising my bigger camera, Bob the Canon 40D. He takes great pictures and I love the bokeh from the Sigma 30mm F1.4 lens but he’s just too damn bulky as a walkaround adventuring camera. Say hello to Frank, my brand new shiny Fujifilm X30, the grandson of Fred and an absolutely delightful little camera full of new features and although some have lamented its more modern looks, I think it’s absolutely gorgeous!

Frank and me

So now it’s back to business once more and I’ll hopefully get a few more posts out before we leave….which I really don’t want to think about…..*sniff*

I picked Frank up from the local shop in AFI Palace last week after receiving the text and email from them to say he was ready for pick up. I was in work at the time and was so excited I skated down as fast as I could on my lunchbreak to buy him. Less than 14,000Kc which was more than €100 cheaper than the asking price back in Ireland! I resisted the temptation to play with him while in work (I’m a dedicated professional after all) but immediately headed straight for the old square after finishing for the day to put him through his paces in low light.

DSCF0010 DSCF0012 DSCF0015 DSCF0018 DSCF0020 DSCF0023 DSCF0025 DSCF0029 DSCF0036 DSCF0045

As you can see, pretty decent quality although i’d be weary of going anywhere over ISO 1600 as the sensor although larger than your standard compact is still puny compared with Bob’s APS-C offering. For Instagram it’s probably fine to crank it up to 3200 as it’s certainly a better sensor than my iPhone which I’ve used for the majority of images on my profile there. But that will all change now as Frank has WIFI which means I can send the images to my phone, edit them in Snapseed and then upload to my heart’s content. It’s an awesome feature that I know is all the rage now but I did giggle like a little kid the first time I tried it.

It’s such a pleasure to shoot with too as the new control wheel on the lens makes it have those SLR ergonomics that make you slow down a bit more and focus on your images. I was weighing up getting the Sony RX100 MKIII as it has the bigger sensor and much better video but having seen it and read a few reviews I just don’t think I would have enjoyed using it as a tool.

DSCF0050 DSCF0057 DSCF0080 DSCF0097 DSCF0491 squareDSCF0546DSCF0549DSCF0551DSCF0555DSCF0559I’ll be looking to do a proper full review of Frank in the near future once I’ve got the chance to fully explore all his bells and whistles but safe to say, I’m a happy bunny.

Now on to other part of this post, the lovely new park on the opposite bank of the Labe, an area that was crying out for something to compete with its beloved northern bank cousin. That side gets a water park, a riverside cafe, a rowing club and a beautiful cycle path that’s used by many during the summer months.

That may all soon change though this summer as for the past few months a project has been under way to develop the southern bank of the Labe where it is joined by the Chrudimka river and I have to say, it is looking magnificent.

The main talking point is of course the new foot-bridge spanning the Chrudimka which you can see a timelapse of its construction here. It’s an elegant wooden bridge that leads you into the park which is still under construction but has its bare bones structure already in place. There’s a playground for the kids, a lovely tree lined pond, basketball courts and football pitches, numerous jetties where boats can be launched, a sheltered fire pit, toilet facilities, an outdoor shower and what looks to be club houses or perhaps a restuarant/bar under construction, oh and a freaking zip line!….for the kids of course….. Alas we won’t be here when it officially opens which is a pity as it’s shaping up to be a wonderful amenity for Pardubice and i’m sure it will become a big focal point for the Summer months. We’ll just have to come back to visit and check it out.

DSCF0503 DSCF0509 DSCF0513 DSCF0515 DSCF0519 DSCF0520 DSCF0523 DSCF0525 DSCF0530 DSCF0534 DSCF0538 DSCF0540



5 thoughts on “Park Na Špici and introducing Frank

  1. Looks like you got a winner in that camera. A know a couple of years ago, when I went looking for a new camera, the choice was difficult. I wanted to improve on what our old Fuji Finepix compact could do but couldn’t justify the cost of a big DSLR rig.

    I finally settled on a Canon Powershot SX240 HS and couldn’t be happier in the value for money department. The 20x optical zoom was the real selling point as it’s an insane amount of zoom for a camera that still fits in a shirt pocket.

    I did give it a name, but don’t mention it. It is female and I wouldn’t want my girlfriend getting jealous! 😀

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