Speedway U-21 Championship Final: Faces in the crowd.

On Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the final of the FIM Speedway Under 21 World Championships where Piotr Pawlicki Jr. from Poland was crowned World Champion. 

Speedway fans are predominantly older than say a football crowd and you can tell they are passionate about the sport and well used to visiting events, as evidenced by the heavily worn cushions and packed lunches on display throughout the grandstand. And of course no trip to a speedway final would be complete without a race programme and ink filled pen ready to keep track of the winning riders and teams.

Compared with my first visit it was a completely different atmosphere with a much larger crowd and commercial presence. I went with my friends who had come into some free tickets earlier that morning. I wanted to take different photos than the ones I took the first time I came to a speedway race and decided I’d focus on the crowd and look for interesting faces among the spectators.

_MG_9993_MG_9986_MG_9980_MG_0006 _MG_9975 _MG_9964 _MG_9962 _MG_9961 _MG_9960 _MG_9959 _MG_9958 _MG_9957 _MG_9949 _MG_9942 _MG_9935 _MG_9917 _MG_9909 _MG_9900 _MG_9885 _MG_9869 _MG_9864 _MG_9852 _MG_9851 _MG_9847 _MG_9835 _MG_9774 _MG_9769 _MG_9761 _MG_9746 _MG_9738 _MG_9734 _MG_9727 _MG_9719 _MG_9704 _MG_9695_MG_9567_MG_9586 _MG_9673_MG_9686_MG_9557 _MG_9628_MG_9547 _MG_9544 _MG_9535 _MG_9522 _MG_9515 _MG_9500 _MG_9488 _MG_9485 _MG_9481 _MG_9480 _MG_9466 _MG_9456 _MG_9449 _MG_9423 _MG_9396 _MG_9384 _MG_9371 _MG_9349 _MG_9346 _MG_9345 _MG_9344 _MG_9342 _MG_9333 _MG_9323 _MG_9319 _MG_9312 _MG_9310 _MG_9309 _MG_9308 _MG_9307 _MG_9304 _MG_9273 _MG_9263 _MG_0229 _MG_0226 _MG_0224 _MG_0219 _MG_0210 _MG_0169 _MG_0160 _MG_0150 _MG_0145 _MG_0090 _MG_0039 _MG_0037 _MG_0031 _MG_0027 _MG_0017

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