I wonder what grass tastes like: Pertisau, Austria.

Ah yes, The Sound of Music, for many of us it’s our first introduction to Austria….or your first Arnie movie, depending on your preference. I’d go somewhere in the middle….An Arnie musical James?…..Yes….yes one of those.

So Austria then, the second leg of our Austro-German holiday trip in the absolutely delightful town of Pertisau on the Achensee Lake in Tyrol. This was to be the relaxing calm down after Munich and it largely was, bar a few messy..ish nights out πŸ™‚

We arrived into Jenbach via train from Munich, where we transferred by bus to Pertisau. If you’re staying in the area the bus is completely free, excellent service.

Being a resort there’s obviously lots to do such as sailing, swimming, hiking, cycling, climbing, paragliding, canoeing, walking, strolling, looking, oohing, aahing, drinking, eating, talking, listening, smelling, skipping, viewing, more walking etc. The world really is your oyster here, you can relax and do absolutely nothing or you can go all out adventuring.

Having never been to such a resort before, I don’t have a yardstick to measure it by but I’d say you’d be hard pushed to find a nicer place to be honest. There’s something for everyone, young and old and yes the scenery is very scenic indeed as scenery goes.

I think it’s the kind of place you need to see for yourself so I’ll stop waffling now and share some photos that hopefully give a sense of the beauty of the place.

Photobomb! Damn you pylon ruining my shot!
Strange Austrian Signs #1: Emmmmm…..
Chooooooo Choooooooooooo! There’s a delightful steam train that runs between Jenbach and Pertisau.
Spot the derpy building πŸ™‚
Literally within 5 minutes of arrival. Bliss.
Mmmmm mountain light. There really is nothing like it.
The rather flash Strandhotel Entner where we rented bikes from one of the days.
The view north towards Achenkirch from the ferry.
Clouds licking the top of the mountains. Lick……lick……lick.
The bridge of the ferry.
This lad was having a whopper buzz.
Achensee lake is the greenest water I’ve ever seen, ok well maybe not, that Paddy’s Day stunt in Chicago was pretty green but as natural water goes….yeah…..pretty green. I believe the fancy term is aquamarine.
The Achensee ferry that blips about from town to town along the lake.
Aye Aye Captain….I can’t heeeeaaaaaar you! AYE AYE CAPTAIN! Ooooooooooooh who drives a ferry around Achensee?……This guy…this guy.
Our delightful hotel for the duration. The rooms were huge and the breakfast was great. AND we had free access to the spa facilities in the hotel down the road. Heaven is a sauna followed by a dip in an ice-cold alpine pool.
Awful view from our hotel window. Eugh nature, yuck!
Bit of a panorama down by the lake.
Apparently the water is of drinkable quality. I didn’t test it but I’d well believe it.
Na na na na na na na na Tent Boat!
These classy ladies were parked outside the Strandhotel Entner one of the evenings.
Pertisau volcano erupted while we were there. Not really though, the mountain just trolled everyone….jerk.
Strange Austrian Signs #2: I’m seeing pole dancing….
Several hundred Euro in the air right there. €99 a pop for the paragliding seemed a bit steep.
The view back to Pertisau from a cycling trip myself and my friend Cathal took. Tiring but fantastic.
“Don’t fall in, don’t fall in, don’t fall in”
More of that gorgeous mountain light.
I can smell you. Creeping fox in the Hotel Karwendel. Wasn’t too impressed with this place, small portions and expensive.
I think we have a new entrant for that terrible taxidermy website πŸ™‚
Mmmmm I’ll have the peans on toast please…..Tell me….what exactly are these……peans?
Now you see it, now you don’t. A big storm blew in while we waited for the bus back to Jenbach. Thunder and lightning and lots of rain, pretty epic actually.
The lovely wildflower meadow down near the lakeshore.
Meanwhile in the Caribbe….I mean Austria. Seriously how clear is that water!?
The window on the cable car messed around with the polarising filter in my lens and made this lovely rainbow effect
Pertisau spreads out before us on the way up the cable car.
Terrible views awaited us at the top of the mountains of course. Eugh scenery, yuck!
Treemendous stuff all around.
The abandoned Alpenhof Hotel. Would love to have explored the interior but alas did not have the time 😦
The view from near the lake looking back towards Pertisau and the mountains beyond.

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