Turn left to win

Turn left to win? Ah….Nascar right? Nope, Speedway. It’s like Nascar, only with motorbikes, and on dirt, and doesn’t go on for hours so it’s not really like Nascar at all to be honest although I’ve never been to a Nascar race so I couldn’t tell you with conviction.

Anyway I digress. We’ve been back in Pardubice for several weeks now and I’ve been itching to get out and do something blog-worthy. My friend and colleague Adam mentioned to me yesterday that he was heading to watch the speedway later that evening….Bingo that will do nicely, plus I’ve always wanted to go a race.

Pardubice were facing off against AK Cereas Slany, one of the best teams in the League according to my fellow attendees. I arrived at the perfect time, Adam was at the bar getting beer 🙂 We made our way up to our seats in the main grandstand and waited for the show to begin.

The back of the main grandstand where the all important bar/restaurant is located.
You’ll have a great view of the action no matter where you sit at a speedway race, unless of course you’re tiny and sitting behind a really tall, really fat person.
This caption is a little tiresome.
The riders make their way to the start line for the traditional first lap which takes place on foot. The girl in the yellow dress won*
Surrounded. Speedway is very much a male sport. There was a healthy mix in the crowd though which was good to see.
One of the Pardubice team waves as his name is called out. Either that or he saw his mum in the crowd.
The finish line doesn’t last very long and needs regular topping up.
Local press getting to hang out in the juicy picture taking spots, bastards! 🙂
The brolly girls let the riders know which way to line up at the start of the race
Getting ready to turn left a lot.
And they’re off!
Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeowm vrooooom etc.
Cheeky look behind to see how much ass he’s kicking.
Vrooooooooooooooom neowm brum brum.
The action was being recorded from all angles, must check if i’m on TV.
Aw they left him hanging, no high fives for you.
Grabbing air at the start of another heat. It’s like a bucking horse, which is funny as Pardubice’s crest is a horse, well half a horse (See previous posts for an explanation of that one) and the bike has horsepower so yeah lots of horse based imagery going on right here. Naaaaaaaaaaay.
Vrooooom Neeeeeowm Vroooooom continues.
Such skill these guys have, it’s awesome to watch.
The riders often go over the inner line of white chalk to kick up a cloud into the following riders face….jerks.
One of the riders is framed inside the goal posts of the football pitch that sits inside the oval. No there wasn’t a game on, although that would have made for some spectacle!
Watch your toes loves, coming through….I mean neowm vroooooom vroooooom……yes.
Whooooop whooop i’m the winner.
One of two tractors that fix the track between heats.
This chap lost control through turn one and had to bow out.
“Hello ladies”
It’s a clean sweep.
Laying down some moisture ensures the track is in perfect condition for racing.
The most confusing traffic light system ever. Not really the lights flash depending on which rider is having a problem.
Get him! One of the Pardubice riders gives chase.
Meeeep meeeeeep coming through.
I made the error of walking along the side of the track during a race and promptly had several stones flying at my face and horrifyingly close to the beers.
A lovely Jawa, no not the short rodent-like natives of Tatooine but the Czech manufacturer of speedway bikes.
Skating home with the guys after a most pleasant evening.
Our route home took us past the Paramo plant which is in the process of shutting down. Would love to do an exploration of this place!

It was a really fun evening chilling out in the grandstand, having a few beers and watching the races. I wouldn’t put it in the same league as Moto GP when it comes to sheer spectacle but it’s certainly exciting to watch the riders battling for position and changing their lines to try and get away or claw back an escaping opponent. Pardubice came out on top, winning 48-41 in the end with some great performances bringing the crowd to their feet. I’d certainly recommend an evening at the speedway if you’re in Pardubice or any other town that has a track. Will have to look into getting tickets for the Golden Helmet, the biggest race of the year.

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