Karlovy Vary from above


My friend Štěpán was a little surprised that my first blog post about our visit to his hometown was about trees so hopefully this one will tell a better tale of the beautiful town that is Karlovy Vary. There are many towns and cities that you can only really see from one perspective, ground level. Karlovy Vary isn’t one of those places. Tucked neatly between rolling hillsides that were bathed in a glorious autumnal glow during our visit there’s a number of ways to explore this little slice of architectural heaven.

For this blog post i’m going to focus on the view from above……be that from the Diana Tower with its expansive views over the town and surrounding countryside or from a pathway above the town that we ventured up during our wanderings.

The view from the top of the Diana tower on Friendship Hill (what a delightful name for a piece of terrain) is well worth the price of the funicular ticket or the toil of ascending the hill under your own power should you be so inclined. We decided to take the funicular up to the top and then walk back down through the forest, the best of both worlds really.

As always these photographs won’t be able to do justice to the actual view from the lookout tower or the hills above Karlovy Vary but hopefully they’ll provide a glimpse of the splendor of this jewel in Czech Republic’s crown. Stay tuned for more posts on Karlovy Vary including the view from street level as well as a look at what makes this town famous, Casino Roya…..I mean the hot springs.


The trees really do crawl right up to the edge of the town. At times you’d think the forest grew up around the town, not the other way round.
The beautiful countryside surrounding Karlovy Vary bathed in majestic sunlight.
The scaffolding surrounding the Orthodox Church spoils the view a bit, as does the rather naff Hotel Thermal. The rest more than makes up for it though.
The view from the funicular as it makes its way up Friendship Hill.
The first stopping point for the funicular at the Stag’s Leap.
The Hotel Imperial lording it over the buildings around it.
Bless these specific trees in particular.
Now that’s a sun room and a half, like a bond villain’s chill out room.
Everywhere you look there’s an ornate building, lovely stuff.
Zooming in the lens compresses everything together showing off all the various layers within the town.
The lovely walkway over the north of the town was well worth exploring.
The glass ceiling above the Hot Spring Colonnade where an impressive geyser shoots water high into the air.
This would make for a pretty tough jigsaw puzzle I’d imagine.
The view down towards the Grandhotel Pupp at the end of the older part of the town
I have no idea how those cars got there either.
The Castle Tower serves as a nice lookout point for visitors to the cafe.
They really don’t make buildings like they use to. Shame really.

_DSF1428 _DSF1431 _DSF1438 _DSF1566 _DSF1579 _DSF1744

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