And then this happened.

Soooooo I have a job. It’s not teaching English which is what I had thought would be my only option for employment over here. It came about thanks to this blog in fact, which shows that writing a blog can actually open doors and present opportunities to you. I’m working for an English company that has an office here. They’ve taken me on part-time to write some copy for the web and help set up their social media presence. My official job description is Marketing Specialist, which is pretty damn cool, and scary. My previous job which I had for over nine years was in a shop, working in the off-licence department. Easy work, not too much stress or pressure and when you clocked out you didn’t need to think about it outside of work. But this job is a…..PROPER job, with real responsibilities and a sense that your’re achieving something.

Although this isn’t a job I envisaged for myself, I have to say, one week into it I am absolutely loving it. Everyone’s really nice and friendly and the work is fun and rewarding. There’s a steep learning curve as it’s not something I’ve done much of before, but i’m finding it really interesting and i’m actively trying to learn as much as I can, not because I have to but because I want to. The social media aspect of the work is really interesting as I’m finding out just how in-depth social media can be and how companies can use it as a tool to promote their business. I never thought i’d enjoy a job like this, I always said to my friends “I’ll never work in an office” but here I am, working in an office, and it’s great. I hope I can do a good job and who knows where this could lead. Could be nowhere but i’m treating it as an opportunity, everything happens for a reason.

So where’s the photos James? None today i’m afraid, just the written word 🙂

4 thoughts on “And then this happened.

  1. Thanks guys 🙂 They seem to be a really cool company to work for, on Friday night we went to a huge club in Prague, VIP treatment, free bar, the works, amazing! I think I like the corporate world 🙂

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