The Giant’s Causeway

For the last leg of our trip around Ireland, we paid a visit to one of Ireland’s most iconic spots, the Giant’s Causeway. Depending on which side of the fence you sit, it’s the result of a 60 million year old volcanic eruption….or……. ….It’s the beginning of a giant pathway made by a giant called … More The Giant’s Causeway

South Cape Bay

It’s been a bit of a hiatus between adventures after poor Gemma was unwell for a bit. The itch to get out and explore more of Tassie was at last scratched last weekend, as we took a trip South……waaaaaaaay South. Pretty much as far South as you can possibly go in Australia to be precise. … More South Cape Bay

Far South Instameet: Trains, caves and a nice cup of tea.

These Instameets keep getting better and better! For our latest adventure we headed to the south of Tasmania. Our first port of call was the exceedingly delightful Chapel Lane Hall, a former church with over 100 years of history under its roof. The space has been lovingly converted into self-contained accommodation with tasteful touches and … More Far South Instameet: Trains, caves and a nice cup of tea.

Tessellated Pavement: Of loaves, pans and canyons.

In geology and geomorphology, a tessellated pavement is a relatively flat rock surface that is subdivided into more or less regular rectangles, blocks approaching rectangles, or irregular or regular polygons by fractures, frequently systematic joints, within the rock. This type of rock pavement bears this name because it is fractured into polygonal blocks that resemble … More Tessellated Pavement: Of loaves, pans and canyons.